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TAIC or the Toronto Area Interfaith

Council is located at the Archdiocese

of Toronto at 1155 Yonge Street. 


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The TAIC has been actively serving the community and strengthening the multicultural fabric of the great city of Toronto for decades. Here you can find a list of the major events we have worked on over the decades......


Toronto Area (“Diversity is our Strength”) Interfaith History


The following is an attempt at indicating the history of interfaith in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. It consists of a listing of organizations and communities involved, with an indication (where available) when each began interfaith activities, and some of those activities. Please add your beginning date and also send corrections and amplifications of these brief listings, and additional listings to be included, to


Leslie Gabriel Mezei    416-226-9872             


1940s – Ontario  Multifaith Council: Chaplaincy, library, annual conference  


1976 –  Christian Jewish Dialogue: Annual and topical events, dialogues, programs and conferences.


1978 – Horizon Interfaith Council: Community Television, Annual dinner



1984 – Scarboro Missions Interfaith Department: Panels, dialogues, high school retreats, online

 educational materials, videos, Golden Rule Ambassador Awards


            Golden Rule Poster: 


1984 – Neighbourhood Interfaith Group: Annual speaker event



1984 – Annual Toronto Area MOSAIC Interfaith Peace Meal



1986 – Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC); Religious leaders’ forums  


1987   Brama Kumaris World Spiritual Organization: Participation in many interfaith events



1995 – Universal Worship Service: Monthly, annual Festival of Lights in December



1995 – Interfaith Festival of the Family, Royal Ontario Museum. One time


1996 – WIFEA – World Interfaith Education Association, Toronto

             Ended with an Interfaith Literacy Conference


1996 –  Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims (CAJM)



Encounter World Religions (Guelph) , week-long immersion programs, visits to faith groups



Mosaic Interfaith Out of the Cold Program



Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto – Ecumenical and Interfaith Affairs: Hosting TAIC. Organizing interfaith worship services



Centre for Spirituality at Work: Had major conferences, now online and in-person meetings



Vedanta Society of Toronto, Followers of Swami Vivekananda: Frequent interfaith events


2000 – Faith in the Common Good: Greening Sacred Spaces project,


            Green Rule Poster


2001 – Noor Islamic Cultural Centre: Frequent interfaith events, Twinning with Temple Emmanu-El



2001 – Interfaith Council of Halton: Discuss spiritual and educational issues of the community


2002 – Major Interfaith meeting held at U of T, some 70 people:

Identified communication and information as the main need for our area


2002 – Interfaith Unity News, monthly to Summer, 2012: Events to come, news, resources, opportunities


September 2012 to September 2013: TIO in Canada



The Christian Jewish Dialogue of Toronto Awards


2004 – TAIC: Toronto Area Interfaith Council: Represents faith groups, organizes discussions and

events, sponsors and supports events organized by other groups.  Breakfasts with Toronto Mayor or Mayoral Candidates, first one in 2007.


Canadian Centre for Diversity – (Canadian Council of Christians and Jews): Extensive youth field trips and leadership training. Ceased operations, 2013

            Being restarted by the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion?



Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Toronto:  Used by many student groups and other  organizations, hosted NAIN2013. Religious Diversity Youth Leadership Project, $500,000 grant

                  Religious Diversity Dialogue Certificate Training Program. Campus Chaplains Association


Interfaith Council of Peel



2005 – Intercultural Dialogue Institute: Turkish Muslim. Frequent interfaith events, annual major dinner,

            home visits, Noah’s pudding



2005 – Institute of Traditional Medicine: Planning and hosting interfaith events and inviting spiritual

leaders and healers, including their relationship to traditional medicine



2007 – Durham MultiFaith World Religion Day Committee: Annual World Religion Day celebration



2009 – Spiritual Dialogue Circle: monthly discussion group



2010 – Danforth Interfaith Community: Annual interfaith walk


2012 – Inspirit Foundation: Trust from sale of Vision TV.  Funding for Pluralism projects,

especially by youths.



2013 – Faith in the City: Annual conference on social justice at Toronto City Hall Council Chamber  



2013 – World Interfaith Harmony:  Interfaith  activities first week of February



2018: World Parliament of Religions, Toronto.