Met United

Prayer for Peace led by John Joseph Mastandrea

With Mayor Tory

Roundtable discussions with Mayor Tory.

World Parliament

Talks to launch the World Parliament in Toronto in 2018

Zul & Dy. Minister of Immigration

Zul with Min. Bezzina, Deputy Minister of Immigration.

US Delegation

The Heads of the World Parliament include Larry Greenfield, Rob Sellers and Andras Corban Arthen.

Minister & Zenji

Dy. Minister Bezzina and Zenji Nio Acharya were the guest speakers at the TAIC meeting.

Behind the scenes

Chander Khanna with Rob Sellers, Chairman of the World Parliament

TAIC meeting

The TAIC assembled religious leaders from across the GTA.

President Zul

Zul Kassamali - President of Toronto Area Interfaith Council

Buddhists discuss Dalai Lama

Buddhist leaders discuss the Dalai Lama's visit to Toronto.

Chairman & Exec. Director

Rob Sellers and Larry Greenfield at the Royal York Hotel

Fredelle Brief & Jim Wilson

Fredelle Brief and Jim Wilson discuss plans. Rev. Jim spoke about poverty in Toronto.

TAIC meet

The TAIC meeting was attended by leaders from all faiths

Mayor & Cardinal

Zul, Cardinal and Markham Mayor