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Welcoming Diverse Opinions and Views 

Raheel Raza - an eloquent Muslim who won over millions on Bill Maher & BBC's Hardball


In order to promote free and fair discussions where everyone has the right to express their views and have their voices heard in an atmosphere of compassion and kindness for all, Rev. Zenji met with leading scholars, experts and faith leaders to hear their views on how we can combat Antisemitism. Instead of encouraging tired Kumbaya styled echo-chambers and group-think, Zenji upheld the Buddhist and Jewish traditions of welcoming debate and diverse opinions where everyone feels that their unique voice is appreciated.  

In a world where female empowerment is of great significance, Raheel Raza is a leading voice for the Muslim community and her appearances on Bill Maher and BBC's Hardball were seen and praised by millions. Raheel has also been praised by Harvard for promoting compassion and tolerance. Her interest in interfaith discourse stems from the firm conviction that all voices deserve to be heard and all viewpoints seriously considered in a climate of kindness and best practices. She also wishes to defeat radicalism and build ties between communities. She is the Head of the Clarion Project and Muslims facing Tomorrow.

Engaging members of the Jewish community as well as Police Hate Crime experts


The former Head of the Ontario Multifaith Council Stan Middlestat was born into a Jewish family -- and yet today practices Buddhism with great respect for both ancient traditions. He was overwhelmed with emotion at discovering this whole new way of combating Anti-Semitism.  Buddha teaches us to alleviate suffering and so the role of a Bodhisattva or spiritual hero is to live a life of purpose where we look beyond our own indulgences and instead focus on leaving a lasting impact on the world. 

Meeting with Law Enforcement and Hate Crimes Unit

Zenji also met with the Senior Detective from the Hate Crimes Unit who is full of praise at this new Simon Wiesenthal Initiative that will take the fight against hate, bigotry and anti-Semitism to a whole new level! Zenji has had numerous meetings with the RCMP and other law-enforcement to explore concrete ways to build bridges between the community and to combat the rise of hate and bigotry across all strata of society.

Involving the Indian Diaspora and Hindu Federation


Rev. Zenji met with the leaders of the Hindu community who will be lending their support to this noble Mission. They will be headed by Pandit Sharma -- the Head of the Hindu Federation (that comprises several major temples) and the President of the Canadian Multifaith Federation -- the oldest interfaith organization in Canada and the only one officially supported and funded by the Govt of Canada.  Similarly, the Heads of both the influential Parsi/Zoroastrian Community as well as the industrious Jain community will also be lending their support to this noble initiative.  As Zenji has been given the high honor of speaking at major events by the Government of India, he is reaching out to many influencers of the Indian community. As India is the world's largest democracy and one of the only nations to never have had a history of Antisemitism, Indians stand in solidarity with the Jewish peoples.


Former Commissioner of Human Rights & TDSB Trustee

This noble mission has also received support from the Trustee of the Toronto District School Board and former Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission, Abdul Patel who also represents several influential Councils and Boards across the GTA. Other District School Boards are also in talks to support this initiative which will open a whole new frontier in the fight against Anti-Semitism. This movement accepts that many people have different faiths, beliefs, convictions et all and have the right to freely practice their cultural heritage. Yet, despite our differences, we can agree that we all can band together to fight against hate and bigotry -- the worst example of which is anti-Semitism. In battling this scourge, we are in fact empowering all victims of oppression and standing up for human rights in a concrete and tangible way. 

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