Global Outreach

Promoting human rights on a Global Scale

Anti-Semitism and bigotry are escalating on a global scale and hence it is important to also confer with international leaders and scholars to explore ways to combat bigotry and hate via international campaigns. Buddhism teaches us to promote compassion everywhere to "answer the cries of people in all ten directions". As Zenji Nio often travels the world, he will be seeking to engage visionaries from across the globe to stand against hate and bigotry -- from the US and Europe to India and Australia and beyond. 

Meeting Australia's world-renowned Imam of Peace, media pundit & twitter luminary...


In order to explore ways to combat bigotry and hate on a global scale, Zenji met with the world-renowned Imam Mohammad Talwidi -- widely considered a media darling in his native Australia and a scholar whose views are sought after by the nation's top journalists from Sky News to The Bolt Report. Tawhidi is one of the world's most closely followed Imams on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers from across the world. He was ordained by the Grand Ayatollah of Iran and yet today is seen as one of the most strident voices for reform and against radicalism. Tawhidi will be speaking in the US with one of America's leading Hindu scholars Rajiv Malhotra - a disciple of the world famous Indian mystic Swamy Dayanand Saraswati -- the personal mentor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the father of Hindu-Jewish dialogue. Interestingly, Swamy Dayand's UN-backed charity has chosen Zenji to be its spokesperson and to speak at its biggest charity gala that will raise millions to assist the poor and impoverished girls of India. True change can come when people, who may have very different religious views, can still work together for the common good.

As the Asia Bibi case is being discussed all over the world, Zenji met with Shaan Taseer from the famed London School of Economics -- also featured on the BBC, CNN and CBC


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The Asia Bibi case has gripped the world's attention as an example of the persecution of Christians. As this is an incredible example of hate and bigotry, Zenji Nio took a meeting with the most important voice on the topic -- that of Shaan Taseer -- whose father Salman Taseer was the Governor in Pakistan who was assassinated for trying to protect Asia Bibi. Shaan is living up to his father's legacy by fighting against hate and oppression in his own way -- as an expert from the world-renowned London School of Economics. He has already been featured on the BBC, CNN, CBC and other outlets pursuing justice for Asia Bibi and he believes everyone has a duty to protect the vulnerable victims of oppression. 

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