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Avi Benlolo, Zenji Nio and celebrity broadcaster Rick Campanelli at the successful Freedom Day event

The Freedom Day Event was a powerful and inspirational event attended by thousands of students from all diverse backgrounds who learned about universal compassion and even heard from a Holocaust survivor. The Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center is the leading force against hate and bigotry and welcomes members from all communities to join the noble struggle against Anti-Semitism.  Battling against anti-Semitism is the most effective way to combat hate and bigotry in the world and to spread the ideal of loving kindness and compassion.


Its easy to spout the cliche "the youth are the future". But true leadership is in knowing how to inspire and empower tomorrow's minds in a cool and yet convincing way .... whereby future generations break out of this endless cycle of hate and bigotry. Students of all ages, races and religious backgrounds come together to "make that change"...

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