The Righteous Leaders Interfaith Congress against Antisemitism has brought together leading faith and community leaders in the fight against Anti-Semitism


Organizers:  Zenji Nio and Avi Benlolo (Click here for more information).


Participants: The very premise of interfaith meetings is that people have different opinions and beliefs that govern their lives and these are often contradictory to the beliefs of others. Hence, while not necessarily agreeing with everyone else, we can still find ways to have meaningful discourse and work together for the common good While many interfaith meetings thrive on Kumbaya echo-chambers where people engage in tired platitudes and avoid asking tough questions, our Interfaith Congress organized by Zenji Nio and Avi Benlolo was particularly noteworthy for welcoming open debate and discussion to address the serious problem of Anti-Semitism. The feedback was stellar with participants eager to join this new initiative that will take Interfaith Meetings to a new level of efficacy and conviction. We'd like to thank all those who attended the Interfaith Congress against Anti-Semitism including:



Tarek Fatah: One of Canada as well as India's most influential writers and commentators who boasts over 400,000 followers on Twitter and whose TV appearances have been viewed by over 100 million people, Tarek Fatah is a journalist and award-winning author whose last book "The Jew Is Not My Enemy" with a foreword by former Premier Bob Rae is very relevant in the struggle to combat Antisemitism. 



Rev. Cheri Dinovo: Minister at Trinity St. Paul's Church and former MPP. She also performed the first same-sex marriage in North America.



Tahir Gora: Journalist with the Huffington Post and Head of Canadian Thinker's Forum also runs TAG TV which has millions of viewers and is the North American Director of Asian News International that provides news to many international publications.

Rev. Matthew Parker: The Head Pastor of the Yonge Street Mission, Matthew has a calling to serve the most vulnerable members of the community.



Imam Abdul Hai Patel: The Trustee of the Toronto District School Board and former Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission, Imam Patel is also linked to the Canadian Council of Imams, the Toronto Police, and the Canadian Armed Forces and is the VP of the Canadian Multifaith Federation.



Rev. David Wells: The General Superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada spanning 1500 Churches, David Wells was also the Manager of the  Multifaith Center at the Panam and Parapan Games in Toronto which was the largest sporting event held in North America.



Shayk Imran Ali: Head Imam of one of the biggest mosques in the GTA -- the TARIC Islamic Center that caters to hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the GTA.



Rev. Leslie Mezei: Holocaust survivor, author and one of the founders of the Interfaith Movement in Toronto. 



Rev. Sandra Palin: National Director of the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) and Board Member of the CIC with the Canada Council of Churches.



Ihsaan Gardee -- Executive Director, National Council of Canadian Muslims and journalist with the Toronto Star.



Rev. Alex Wilson:  Presbyterian Minister and Social activist, also served with Rev. Zenji on the Parliamentary Committee on Rohingya.



Mulana Shakir Inayat Ali: A Muslim ambassador whose interfaith work has received international attention.



Brian Carwana: Director of Encounter World Religions and Member of the Steering Committee of the Parliament of World's Religions.



Vivian Kwok: Former administrator, Interfaith Affairs, Archdiocese of Toronto and current head of Muslim-Catholic Student Adult Dialogue. Right-hand of Father Damian McPherson, the founder of the Toronto Area Interfaith Council.



Sid Ikeda -- representative of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center and the Toronto Buddhist Church as well as the Toronto Area Interfaith Council.



Mubasshar Ahmed, Director, Ahmeddiya Muslim Jamaat Canada.


Sameera Khanji, President and CEO of the Noor Cultural Center.


Esteemed representatives of the Aga Khan Museum and many other organizations to be listed as this site is still in development.





Please visit the Sempo Center for Human Rights and Holocaust Studies