The  Righteous Leaders Interfaith Congress against Anti-Semitism brings together the city's most influential faith and community leaders in solidarity  with the Simon Wiesenthal Center to combat the surge of Antisemitism

The Righteous Among Nations is the label given to non-Jewish leaders who fight against anti-Semitism


Mission Statement


For far too long the Jewish community has been almost alone while fighting the rising surge of Antisemitism across all spheres of society. The Interfaith Congress against Antisemitism brings together various faith and community leaders to lend their voices, ideas, and support to the battle against Antisemitism in order to make it cleat that this issue affects all of us.


The Vision Statement of the Congress is:


  1. To encourage dialogue among the faith and community leaders so that we can collectively work together to battle Antisemitism.​

  2. To recognize and support the work being done to combat Antisemitism by the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and other such organizations.

  3. To have leaders spread the message among their own communities in order to work at the grassroots level.

  4. To work with the media in condemning Antisemitism and promoting tolerance and compassion for all.

  5. To connect with similar movements locally, nationally and internationally




1. To make it clear that Antisemitism does not merely affect the Jewish community but all of us and that each one of us has a duty to combat this scourge.


2. To provide information or respond to questions about religious or social practices thus countering any hateful narratives that may be promoted online or in the community.


3. To ask tough questions and seek concrete solutions beyond the standard Kumbaya styled discourse of many interfaith meetings.


4. To build a network of like-minded individuals who wish to promote compassion in a concrete way that can really make a difference.


Please visit the Sempo Center for Human Rights and Holocaust Studies
at www.SempoCenter.org