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TAIC or the Toronto Area Interfaith Council is the leading interfaith organization of Toronto - the world's most pluralistic and cosmopolitan city. Comprising of the city's most influential faith leaders, the TAIC brings together diverse congregations to effect social change. The TAIC  also liasions with the Mayor's Office and is the main Canadian  entity organizing the World Parliament of Religions in Toronto in 2018.


Mission Statement


The Toronto Area Interfaith Council (TAIC) is an organization of representatives of faith communities and groups in the Toronto area.  TAIC is dedicated to affirming the importance of ethics, spirituality and faith in daily life and to the promotion of understanding, harmony, respect and acceptance among the faith communities of the Toronto area.  TAIC functions in association with individuals and organizations devoted to Multifaith activities.


The Vision Statement of the Corporation is:

  1. To encourage dialogue among the faith communities in the Toronto area and affirm equity for all.

  2. To recognize and support the existing interfaith initiatives in the Toronto area. 

  3. To assist in building bridges between and among faith groups.

  4. To work toward the overcoming of prejudice and the abolition of discrimination.

  5. To assist and serve the spiritual needs of the community.

  6. To contribute to social justice without political partisanship.

  7. To be a voice for the human diversity of the Toronto area.

  8. To connect with the interfaith movement locally, nationally and internationally




  1. To initiate and facilitate interfaith celebratory and commemorative observances for the Toronto area for inclusion at such events as inaugurations, anniversaries, awards, funerals, memorial meetings, etc.


  1. To provide information or respond to questions about religious practice bearing on functions of the Toronto area; to collaborate with and utilize the resources of existing organizations;


  1. To identify existing interfaith organizations and their initiatives in the Toronto area in order to co-ordinate our functions


  1. To find ways and means to connect the commonalities of diverse faiths with our desire to live a life rooted in our spirituality; and


  1. To promote peace and love through mutual understanding, respect and compassion, truth and non-violence in society at large.

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