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Toronto Area Interfaith Council


The Toronto Area Interfaith Council or TAIC
Official partner of the Parliament of World's Religions 2018
The TAIC served as the Official Canadian Partner for the Parliament of World's Religions 2018.
The TAIC stands for Toronto Area Interfaith Council and is an interfaith organization in Toronto, the world's most pluralistic city. The TAIC was instrumental in bringing the world's largest religious gathering, the Parliament of the World's Religions, to Toronto in 2018.  The key architect of this event who was responsible for Toronto's hosting the conference was Chander Khanna and all members of the PWR owe him a debt of gratitude. Chander Khanna, an expert in Hinduism, worked alongside other TAIC Members to bring the project to its fruition. While all of Toronto's faith leaders were involved, a special mention must go to John Joseph Mastandrea of the Metropolitan United Church,  Fredelle Brief of Center for Jewish Affairs and Interfaith Coordinator Michelle Singh.

Zenji Nio to receive Special Award at the Mayor's Breakfast


The TAIC will be presenting a Special Award to Rev. Zenji Nio Acharya who was selected to launch this website and is the only faith leader to have served on every major interfaith council including the TAIC, Canadian Multifaith Federation, Canadian Interfaith Conversation, RCMP Commander's Diversity Council and PANAM Games Multifaith Council. Zenji has also launched the groundbreaking Sempo Center for Human Rights -- the first non-Jewish organization to stand against anti-semitism and bigotry. Furthermore, Zenji was selected to serve as the Buddhist Rep on the Steering Committee of the Parliament of World's Religions but opted not to participate in solidarity with the many Buddhists worldwide who objected to the colonial practices and policies of cultural appropriation promoted by the Chicago office of the PWR. Among the many complaints was the fact that though Buddhism is the biggest religion of Asia and the mother of Asian art, culture, literature, language, and civilization as a whole,  all schools of Asian Buddhism are represented by 1 solitary White man at the Chicago Office -- in a blatant display of colonialism, racism and nepotism.  Nonetheless, TAIC empathizes with the Buddhist community that has been represented by Zenji at major events across the world and he has also been described by the Times of India as the "only contemporary expert from the lineage of the Buddha". In honor of his contributions to the Interfaith community, Zenji will be presented with a special award at the Mayor's Breakfast to be presented by Mayor John Tory.  He can also be visited at the Indo-Japan Samurai Center at www.SamuraiCenter.org as well as www.Panam.guru , www.RevNio.org , www.SempoCenter.org and www.Dalits.net

Toronto Faith Leaders express compassion for all victims of the Coronavirus. 

The Interfaith Leaders of Toronto express their condolences to all victims of Coronavirus We pray to God/Guan Yin for healing among peoples of various religions and diverse backgrounds and a speedy recovery from these troubling times. 


Our meetings are held at the Archdiocese of Toronto and are attended by faith leaders from all of the major religious traditions including Bahai, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Latter-Day Saints, Scientology, Wicca, Zoroastrianism and more in an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation among all communities. For though God may be seen as Kannon for Buddhists, Jesus for Christians; Eeshwar for Hindus and Allah for Muslims, there is a common ground on which we can build bridges between all communities. Similarly, though Jews follow the Torah, Christians the Bible, Hindus the Gita, Muslims the Koran and Buddhists the Lotus Sutra, there are mutual areas of discussion and dialogue to be had between each group. Have a tour of our website and drop us an email if you would like more information or would like to attend one of our meetings.